Navy Sailor Started a Business to Empower Women to Go After Everything They Want!

YN2 Gadson not only started her business to help empower women, but decided to enroll in school to get her Masters in Psychology.

This Enlisted Sailor is paving the way for others by pursuing her dreams and serving her country.
Living with integrity in and out of uniform, she lives by these three core values.
She is a phenomenal woman who looks to contribute to the world by being a positive influence.

But due to unforeseen circumstances this once motivated Sailor became severely depressed after reporting a sexual assault. After admitting herself to get better and heal she opened up about the other two instances that occured. This completely changed her mindset and trust. Things just completely changed for her, especially through her body. It began to hurt, insomnia, nightmares, fatigue, it all began to take a toll on her. All to say it’s okay, to disappear and get help. To fall off the wagon but ultimately it’s about picking yourself up.

She’s human just like you.

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