Women Are Guilty Too…

A few days ago, I apologized to my husband. I told him, “I realized women could be so hard on men about consistency; meanwhile, we’re just as guilty.” I’m sure there are a few things you’ve done for a loved one and no longer do, somewhat intentionally or unintentionally.

We scream, “once you get her, don’t get comfortable,” but what about continuing to be the same person he fell in love with? Let’s not play dumb, some of you know how to get the man but not how to keep him.How can we expect them to understand how to show romance and affection when they weren’t shown? No one expected you to know how to talk after you were born; this took years of learning with trial and error.

No, I’m not promoting a man who does the minimum, I’m bringing awareness to both parts. It’s essential to understand your partners background. It’s vital to learn your partners love language. It’s imperative to voice your needs and wants before your fed up. It’s extremely important not to express yourself with sarcasm when it hurts you.

I’m not speaking for the men who use this as an excuse. I’m not talking to the men who are lazy and undeserving of a woman who is holding down the household and more. I’m speaking for the men with the changed behavior and mindset—the men who aren’t faking their effort and showing up every day to make himself better. Be patient with this man. Before you point fingers, check yourself. Are you holding yourself accountable?

Fun tip: If my husband or I have an issue with something, before we bring it to the attention of the other person, we must also share our ideas for the solution. There is no “I don’t like this, “you should fix that”! It’s, here are the problems and here are my ideas for the solution, what do you think?

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