I choose to play the fool.

I can take allot of shit but I can’t take that.

You being so uptight and over bearing. He’s just a childhood friend. I’ve known him since middle school. Look, we’ve never been intimate. He’s never tried to talk to me in any way shape or form. Like come on my periods on and some girlfriends are going to be there. I really want to go to the gym. I’m leaving soon, enjoy work, love you.

Him: If you leave we’re over!!!

Freaking speechless. Like is he serious? This must be a joke! This isn’t some random guy from school. No time to really think this through so let me just tell him.

At this point we’re over! I mean I don’t care what you say I’m going and I’m not about to argue about not going to the gym with friends. You sound like a over protective parent I’m tired of being told what to do!

Me: Okay I won’t go.

This isn’t the first time you’ve made me choose between you and my friends. If I told them these things they wouldn’t like you anymore and they seem to really love you and so do I.

So I guess he really loves me. He doesn’t trust me being around guys without him.

Or does he not trust me? I mean I understand I cheated on him once but he cheated on me too. What are we even doing, I just can’t see this going anywhere.

I wonder what girl he’s messing with now. Secretly messaging and forgetting to delete before he gets home. I mean how stupid could I have been. I guess I’m pretty stupid. When we started dating you had a whole fucking girlfriend.

Yet I stayed around. I should have know things wouldn’t be any different with me.

A Sign, I guess I chose to ignore. A foundation built on lies and brokenness. I mean let’s face it we never had a chance.

Your only insecure like this when you’re up to something or you’ve already done it. God I deserved it all.

Insecure people tend to put their insecurities on you if you let them.

And I let him.

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