People fail to realize the past is the past. Not at any moment should you share what you’re going through at the moment. Unless a situation presents and someone needs to hear it. I say share after you’ve made it through that situation so you can hopefully help other people.

Start looking at your life as a book for others to not make the same mistake.

So many people get embarrassed or feel ashamed about financial issues, career change, not being married by a certain age, not having a high education like someone else.

When in reality no one has life all figured out. Accept where you are and share how you’re trying to better yourself. Never stay in the dark thinking you’re alone. We’re all human and not perfect.

Let people talk.

Let them laugh.

Let them call you names.

Those same people envy you. They wish they had the courage to follow their dreams like you. If their life was so together they wouldn’t have TIME to talk about you to other people.

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