I’ve Always Been This Way…

How many of you have said “I’ve always been this way” to justify you’re unhealthy behavior. I myself, was guilty of this. I might have said something like “i don’t care, you knew I was like this before we met” or “if you can’t accept me as I am, then we’re not meant to be“. But let me tell you something.

It will impact you differently, when your marriage is on the rocks. When your about to lose your job of 15 years because you’re plastered in old habits. I guess you didn’t think your friends and family would ever disown you because it’s YOU, right? Please!!! Save your gossiping, lying, cheating and finessing ways for someone else.

It’s a behavior called self sabotage‼️

Many people think self sabotage only occurs when your life is going great.

Now Think about how easy it is to let yourself submerge into the sunken place. Let’s imagine getting yourself out. This most likely will occur when your done throwing a pity party about how life just isn’t fair. How many times have you cried over occurrences you had no control over. Instead of seeing opportunities and lessons you decide to sob like a two year old because things aren’t going your way. This is the most unhealthy and destructive habit a person can have. The same record on repeat and you can’t even change the song.

Imagine your life is great and then here comes your negative thoughts and you begin to regress, “It’s just toooo good to be true HUH?”. “I just know something bad is coming, I just know I can’t be happy for long”.

No wonder you can’t be happy for long, you keep manifesting negative SHIT!

You can change habits you’ve had for years in just a moment. Yes, you might relapse sometimes but by correcting yourself along the way, it’s very much possible. The moment you say something inappropriate, apologize. Reflect on your actions to see how you could have handled the situation differently. No one is perfect and we all regress sometimes but being consciously aware and owning your actions is the first step to changing. Don’t wait until the next day, do it at that very moment. Don’t say “fuck it, I’ll try again another time” NO! THIS IS THE TIME.

Think about this, how can you change when you’re not aware that you need to change? When you think there’s nothing wrong with how you communicate?

You aren’t a product of your past.

The power of life and death is in the tongue. I speak life over you. I believe you can make a change. I pray you make that change right now.

REPEAT AFTER ME: I can, I will, I must.

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