In my area they don’t have heavy duty fabric, so I had to settle for polyester fabric. I Also didn’t have belting so I had to get creative and use this ratchet cargo as my belting.

It was supper frustrating trying to find the things I needed to bring this project to life. I didn’t want to quit so I made it work. I hope this inspires someone new like me.

Overall this was supper fun and I’m just really enjoying the journey.

Sew It! Academy

Back in my younger days I would just create without fully understanding the process. If only I’d taken my time and just been patient. This really shows that rushing is the death of success. When you take your time it’s like your learning 10X more and at a faster rate.

I’m sure my college students understand. It’s like cramming to study for a test two days prior and remembering nothing a week or two later.

I think I’m loving this #diy blogging.

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