1. List all of your bills!

Arrange your bills so you can have two good checks rather than one. You want to make sure each check is your good check.


Call that bill company to move some bill dates around to help make this a smooth journey.

3. Arrange your bills!

If you pay your rent with one check I advise to break it up. List your bills from highest to lowest. Start cutting back on things like subscriptions. It’s time to start asking for user names and passwords from that rich friend or family member.

  • 15 January check
  • 400 Rent

    250 car note

    150 food


    50 debt

    50 debt

    10 Netflix

    50 gas (two weeks).

    1110-check= save or pay more on debt.

  • 1st February check
  • 400 rent

    100 car insurance

    150 food

    200 save

    150 debt

    100 fun money(2 weeks)

    1100-check= save or pay more on debt

    4. Accountability Partner/s!

    I have my husband and a few work buddies to help me stay true to my journey. Find someone who isn’t afraid to share and be vulnerable with you along this journey. When your weak and tempted they will help you find creative ways to stick to your new lyfe style.


    Listen you will not get it right the first time, the second, third or the fourth. It was so much trial and error for my husband and myself we had to take a break from budgeting. That’s how much we sucked ASSS. You might forget about a bill, instead of paying more on debt you wanted to eat out and have fun. So many things could go wrong while being on this journey, your being tested people. Start saying NO!!HOW BAD DO YOU REALLY WANT IT? We’re just feed up with owing money when that money can be in our pockets. Like wow this is how much I’d see a month if I didn’t have credit cards or loans? Figure out your WHY! Who are you doing this for? We’re doing it for us and our future family. We’re ready to give back and help people like you and me figure this thing out. Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s honestly not that bad.

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