Benefits From Taking Your Own Pictures

Like any regular couple who lives life on a budget we wan’t to minimize our money output and find more ways to keep it in our pocket. The budgeting queen decided to purchase a Tripod from amazon.



If you’re a parent I’m sure you know that holiday pictures can be very expensive. Take the time to purchase a “>Tripod and take your own family pictures. I know it seems time consuming, if I just pay a photographer and get it over with it will be easier and plus everyone does it.  Wrong.

  1. You never have to leave the house to take your kids to the mall or photographer.
  2. No scrambling to get them together or worry about them tearing down the props.
  3. The kids will be easy to manipulate with the mom and dad hacks to get their attention for those few minutes because there wouldn’t be any distractions since your in a controlled environment which is HOME.
  4. Recycle your props just different clothes (cost efficient)
  5. No wait for the pictures
  6. Take unlimited amount of pictures and you don’t have to worry about picking the top 5 or 10 pictures.

Note:  It comes with a clicker that allows you to take the pictures without setting any timers. If you don’t want to constantly bother your friends or loved ones to take pictures this Tripod is the way for you. 


No MORE asking strangers to take your pictures

I no longer have to worry about finding a stranger to trust with our phone and pray  they don’t run away wit it.


I also take my instagram pictures and YouTube videos with this same “>Tripod . If you’re trying to use it for personal training pictures/videos it’s honeslty perfect for any and everything especially out-doors.


My husband loves the fact that we can be so creative and bond more over our own little photoshops at home or on the go.

IMG_1681“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”


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