Its time to eat shit for a year and invest in life we want to create for childrens, children. follow the steps and read the book by dave Ramsey.


Friends and Family:

1. Save 1,000 for emergency

2. Budget your money and only use cash

3. Leave yourself with $0 or $100

4. Meaning you payed your bills, debt, grocery and gas money aside.

5. Write down all of your credit cards and loans.

6. Pay on the smallest debt first

7. Continue to pay on the others but the minimum.

8. Once you pay off one debt use that same money to pay off the next debt. It’s called the snow ball effect.

9. No trips. No events not planned on your budget. Let’s sacrifice a year of getting things right to invest your future. It may only take you 6 months.

10. Once your done paying off debt save enough money for a real emergency. Rent, car, phone, and etc for 3-6 months of expenses.

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