My first wig (FAIL)

The intention of this video is to share MY experience with MyFirstWig and the things they don’t tell you about the wigs.

No need to for any negativity I’m just sharing my real life experience. As you can see in my other video where I originally dyed my first wigs. I actually went back to do a touch up and dye the roots back black and this was the result.


My first wig did reach out to me and it was very disappointing honestly. They basically said I shouldn’t have bleached the 350$ human hair that I purchased. They offered for ME to pay for a wig repair kit (NOT WORTH THE MONEY). They asked how they could help and I said they could send a new wig which I knew wasn’t going to happen (shoot your shot right?). They offered me a 30$ credit which I accepted because something is better than nothing right?

Why I never reached out to them you ask? I never reached out to them because I took it as a lessoned learned and I already had $30’s in credit on the account so I’m just building my points to get 100$ off a 200$ wig and calling it a quits. I’m all for supporting business’s but someone has to tell the truth and share their experience so you know exactly what your getting yourself into.



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