Paint Nite or Sip & Paint

Honestly you can do your own paint nite at home just head over to Michaels or Walmart and get your supplies. This not only saves you gas and money but it gives you that quality time with your spouse or loved one.

I would suggest doing this without going on youtube for help just to give you a challenge but if this is too much for you and you really don’t trust yourself you can just go on youtube and find a artist that will walk you through how to paint a image of your liking. If you feel like the artist is going too fast guess what? You can just rewind or play the video in slow-mo.

I think this is a great advantage over taking a class, this way you can take your time and not rush you work. I would light candles, set the living room up just like a paint nite with my own little twist by using only the resources I have at home. I would set up my own little snacks and make sure I try my best to out paint my husband.

Click the link to see for yourself

This artist is the perfect example to help you through your first paint nite at home. I’m sure you can get everything at Walmart if you don’t want to order online at amazon.

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  1. FarahDee says:

    great idea!

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