JESSIE WHY?? Angelo’s Steak & Pancake House

Dear Jessie,

I went to Angelo’s on a Sunday because my favorite waiter Jessie is there. This is the only day me and hubby can have brunch together but Jessie was clocking out. I should have left when he left smh.

To make a long story short, my waiter that wasn’t Jessie thought the oysters to the left were acceptable and this was highly upsetting. I know Jessie wouldn’t have let this happen. I then complained and said that my food was cold and that it looks old. I didn’t wan’t to say I don’t want it anymore or can I order something else because I didn’t want anyone spitting in my food.

Let me tell you what this waiter did! He took it in the back and said the cook reheated the food and cooked you some fresh oysters. FRESH OYSTERS, as if when I placed my order I wasn’t expecting FRESH oysters. I just ate the fresh oysters and left because at this point I was over it and ready to go home.

Jessie please, come back!

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