I’m really confused as to why the pigments aren’t even BRIGHT!! It’s only 4 colors that have potential. In other news I haven’t been this upset about a product in a while, I really love Maybelline but this one has to gooo. I wanted to create a super cute pigmented eye look but it was a total FAIL.

I know I can’t do eye-shadow that’s besides the point. I took this exact day to go on youtube and learn the basic’s of eyeshadow. I couldn’t create anything because the colors would not POP!.

I then attempted to find someone on youtube to see if it was me, because like I said I can’t do eyeshadow to save my life. I even thought maybe I should never try doing my own eyeshadow but I saw no one created a popping eye look. So ha! Don’t come for me because I made sure that it wasn’t me.

I literally tried for like 2 hours, I started over so many times to get it right and NOTHING!

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  1. Maybelline is such an amazing brand but they definitely do have a lot of misses! Nothing worse then when your eye look goes all wrong! I know the pain!


    1. fashioninkfitness says:

      Yes I agree Ruth, they make mistakes and I’m just here to share the experience.

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