I wish somebody would have told me that hot yoga is nothing to play with. I mean I was in class slipping and sliding off my mat and for once in my life I had on too many clothes.


I wish someone would have told me that you would need a few yoga essentials to help you get through class. I thought it was going to be a breeze but I found myself struggling to breathe and hold my downward dog pose. Like seriously I could not stop sliding because I was drenched in nothing but sweat! This class will run you for your money and thats a promise.


Additionally, I will say that it did help me breathe much better after and my body has been begging me to go back but my mind has been traumitized ever since. I would like to make this a once or every other week thing. I can’t put myself through this everyday lol.



  1. Hot Yoga is a form of Yoga that originated in Calcutta, India.
  2. Traditional Yoga in the hot climate of Calcutta evolved into Hot Yoga, which is practiced today at our Hampton Roads Hot Yoga Studio.
  3. The room is intentionally heated to 100 degrees, recreating these conditions which help to relax the muscles.
  4. The postures (or asanas) are very unique to these methods and focus on compressing the internal organs, forcing fresh blood and oxygen to those areas.
  5. There are distinct alignment differences between hot yoga postures and similar postures that other yoga styles teach. The body and mind benefit through processes of detoxification, stimulation, and rejuvenation.

Things you will need for class…

  • *Sports Bra
  • *Shorts
  • *Gallon of water
  • * Sweat resistant head band
  • *Grippy yoga mat towel 
  • *Yoga Mat
  • *Yoga grips socks 
  • *Yoga grips gloves* (optional)

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