Thinking out loud

I saw this fence and was like WOW, I can see the perfect photo-shoot here. I mean I didn’t imagine taking pictures in this attire but by looking at this picture it makes me happy that I did.

My friend puts the car in park at a stop sign and I’m like what are you doing? She unlocks her door and says we’re taking pictures, as she runs out of the car and of course I was right behind her.

We were both laughing and just thrilled because it’s like dude you could have pulled over and parked but it’s like where’s the thrill and excitement in that?

We took the pictures and ran back to the car before someone drove off in her car because she clearly left the keys inside the car.

It was just a thought in my head that I said out loud and which came to action. It’s like if I didn’t say it out loud she wouldn’t have stopped. I would have still been thinking about this colorful fence that I never took a picture in front of.

This made me think, just maybe if you say it out loud someone can help you reach what your trying to do. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”? I’m sure this has to apply to adults too. It takes more than just you, to get you, where you need or want to be. I know, I sit and think on things and then I tell my husband my ideas and he’s like okay, did you write it down? What’s the next step? No more talking let’s get into action.

I don’t want to hear I don’t have people that will motivate me. This world is full of strangers that support you more than your own family and at the same time you have to ask yourself this, if I don’t believe in myself? Who will?

Remember, don’t sabotage yourself.

Did you stop and pose today?

Or shall I ask.

Did you stop and Vogue today?

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