MELLOW MUSHROOM has this vegan cheese called FOLLOWYOURHEARTCHEESE and it’s amazing. I have experienced daiya dairy free cheese and it doesn’t melt very well and I don’t like how it tastes really. I mean when I was devouring my pizza the cheese moved and pulled like a regular cheese pizza. I couldn’t believe I’d found a vegan cheese that actually made me feel like it was real cheese but without the dairy. I am lactose and intolerant, my body hates dairy and so does my skin because it tends to break out every time.



If your curious to know about my choice of topping it’s avocado. I should have asked did they have vegan bread but we’re going to take it one step at a time. When I have the answer to that question I will be sure to keep you guys updated. Also my waiter was sooo awesome that the bread usually comes with garlic parmesan cheese and he had them change it to regular crust because he thought I was vegan. I thought that was very sweet and considerate of him.

I have had the daiya vegan pizza’s before and it’s not that bad but it’s like once you’ve tasted greatness you don’t want to go back to hell.



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