I’m sure my followers know by now that I love a sale. I love finding great quality items because my pockets run on a budget.

I was told by my cousin about these lashes, I didn’t just stumble across them on the internet and buy them. I’m not sure about you but I have to know someone or have a creditable source that says it’s a legit business and not scam because I have been scammed before.

These high quality lashes had me shook. I found it hard to believe that they were only three dollars, so you know I had to buy at least 5 pair and two others that weren’t on sale. The lashes in the image down below are called GIN & JUICE… I went ahead and uploaded images of some of the other lashes that I had purchased. Also GIN & JUICE and one other lash is still on sale for 3$.

The only thing I would warn you about is to be careful when taking the lashes off of the package. I kind of pulled from the middle and almost ripped my lash.

I have worn one pair 3 times already and they are still in good conditions. It says that you get a 5-10 wear which I’m trying to get even more wears by taking great care of my lashes lol.






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