Every month I try to give my time in volunteering, this particular month I was helping to move Christmas ornaments off grave yards at a certain university. I really didn’t want to walk on the graves because I personally feel it’s disrespectful but work had to be done.

What saddened me wasn’t being around the deceased but being around the UNKNOWN U.S SOLDIER tomb stones. It hit me harder than I had expected, I mean I honestly didn’t expect to get hit by these emotions at all, it was suppose to be just a normal volunteering day.

I had so many questions, was anyone in there? Did they only put what they could find? How must the family feel to know that their loved ones may still be out there? How can you be at peace with not saying goodbye, not looking at them or being able to touch them for the last time even if their lying dead in a coffin?


I began to imagine me in that UNKNOWN U.S SOLDIER shoes and just thinking about unthinkable situations where I’m having a normal life and then BAM! I’m at war and I’m fighting to stay alive to come home but only to be marked as the UNKNOWN U.S SOLDIER. There is nothing wrong with having a tomb stone as the UNKNOWN U.S SOLDIER but I’d prefer something different for my tomb stone.

From watching the UNKNOWN U.S SOLDIER tomb stone it just made me want to live more. I wanted to take more risks and live life like I’m at war and I don’t get a second chance. I didn’t want to become just a UNKNOWN U.S SOLDIER. If I never come home I want my family to assume I’m dead and put my full name even my middle name ( which I hate) on my tombstone and be at peace. That is what I would tell my loved ones, I don’t want to be remembered as the UNKNOWN U.S SOLDIER because there is no closure in that. I want to be remembered as a U.S. SOLDIER and my name behind it saying I went down fighting for my country, with or without a body.

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