I used to bleach my hair every other month just about, sometimes I bleached my hair just to get loser curl patterns. I was obsessed with having the entire color of the rainbow. I never really moisturized my hair like I was suppose to and I surely didn’t get my ends clipped. I think the biggest struggle was finding the best products (curls, carols daughter and Shea moisture) that worked for my hair.

BD2B64FD-1A6F-4E71-82D5-47B2C24D0837I cut my hair in 2016 to go to bootcamp because I wasn’t sure about being natural in the military. I thought maybe I’d wear wigs and get a haircut every other week but I changed my mind and decided I wanted to grow my hair. I wanted to take care of it this time and do things the right way.

In bootcamp I was happy I cut my hair because it was one less thing I had to worry about at night and in the morning. When my hair started growing back an instructor told me that I needed to cut my hair because it was nappy, at first I brushed it off and I told myself that I will embrace my fro. I had used gel from the nex but it wasn’t the correct gel for my hair type so it didn’t last longer than an hour basically. I thought that I could be strong and not let what I was hearing almost everyday change my mind. I eventually caved in and got a hair cut. I’m sorry for those that were cheering for me to not cut it, I know I failed myself and other woman of color at that moment.


Since then I have not cut my hair and I have not let anyone make me feel any less about having a nappy afro. I am 100% more confident than ever and I hope and pray that no one let’s anyone make them feel how I’ve felt. In honor of me not bleaching my hair I made a bet with my husband that I would give him 100 dollars if I didn’t bleach my hair. I know 100 isn’t allot but I refuse to give my hubby 100 dollars lol.

I have decided to track my healthy hair journey along with my husbands. I hope someone was motivated to not cut their hair and if you are cutting your hair I hope it’s for the big chop. I hope you love your curl pattern no matter what.

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  1. FarahDee says:

    i feel you!!!! my struggle is real over here as well


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