Self sabotage

Scared to make it.

More scared to fail, why is that?

Take 10 steps forward and 30 back.

I did this to myself.

Why can’t I be consistent?

Why do I stop?

Depression? Maybe…

Unhappy? No I can’t be!

Why must I make excuses for something I want?

Oh I can’t do this until they do this! Is that really true?

It’s time for YOU to let YOU be great.

Are you a loser?

The first sign of a loser is an excuse?

Made any excuses today? Like why you couldn’t have done that thing that you’ve been wanting to do for so long ?

But your not a loser? Righhttt!

This stops now, not believing in yourself, self doubt and the lack of respect for the only person who has your back and that is YOU. There’s a quote that says something like this “by the time they realize your worth it will be too late”. Now let’s flip this and put it in reverse, BY THE TIME YOU REALIZE YOUR WORTH IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!!!!!!

I don’t see why you can’t see this, but we both know you see it. Oh I’m sorry your just not motivated right now, you really don’t care right now? Deep down it’s eating you alive. How does it feel living through the eyes of someone else? That could have been you, but you playing.

Just remember their are two types of people. The dreamers and the doers, which are you?

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