La Girl Pro Matte Foundation

Guess what guysssssssssssssss? I found my correct foundation for the La Girl Pro Matte foundation and all thanks too Walgreens. I went inside like any normal day knowing I was leaving with things that weren’t on my list and probably forgetting the things I actually had on my list. I was just going to take a guess and buy a shade that I believed to best fit my skin complexion and probably go home mad because it wasn’t the right shade.

Instead I was assisted by this lovely beauty rep who told me that their suppose to assist you in finding your correct foundation IF you ask.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I did not know this. I have been going too Walgreens for soooo long and no one has ever asked me about foundation assistance and this makes me feel some type of way. This could have saved me so much money and time but nooooo I had to struggle and open foundations in fear. Lol.

But anyway I hope this was helpful for those who didn’t know. You can click the link to see just how the wrong foundation and the correct foundation looks on my YouTube channel fashioninkfitness

  1. With a soft and suede-like finish, PRO.matte Foundation will have you covered and shine-free all day.

  2. Creamy, liquid formula provides smooth and buildable coverage for both day and night time wear.

  3. Minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for an even, soft focus effect.

  4. Paraben free formula with added vitamin E, B5 & sunflower oil.

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