Why did you decide to start your business?

I started my business because of my passion for skin, hair, and serving others. It all began with myself. I’ve always had trouble with skin discoloration and dryness. As for my hair, I disliked how it reacted to many commercial products. The products would work for some time and then my hair would reject it after a while. Eventually, I got tired of purchasing expensive products and began to create my own DIY projects with much needed research. The DIY projects proved to work for my hair. I was in love with nature. Soon after, I began making skin and hair products for family and friends. I felt that if they were enjoying my products, then many others would too. This is how Wild Roots Naturals was born.  

What would you say to those trying to start their own business? 

If you are thinking to start a business, think about your mission, vision, and what you will be contributing to society. Create a business plan and do not let fear get in the way. Launch that business. Business is 100% risk, after all. 

What motivated you to keep going?

What motivated me were the results! People are loving Wild Roots. I’ve gotten amazing feedback and it motivates me to create even more amazing products. I love serving the people. 

How long have you had your business? 

Wild Roots is only 6 months old 😁

How old are you? 

I am 24 years old. 



What are your favorite business influencers?

Hmm. My favorite business influencer is Kreyol Essence. I love that she started her business with sourcing her ingredients directly from Haiti. She helped to create jobs and provide economic value to Haiti. This influenced me to source my ingredients from select countries such as: Haiti, Africa, Jamaica, and India. (In support of fair trade)

What sets you apart from other business owners? 

I think what may set me a part from other business owners is my customer service. My customers are considered family to me. I have a passion to serve others. I want to make certain you are satisfied. Even if it means taking a loss. 



IG: https://www.instagram.com/wildrootsnaturals/

What verse or song best describes you?  

“I am not my hair” by India Arie ☺️

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