I am not bashing nor discrediting L.A. GIRL Cosmetics. I am just stating the obvious facts and my opinion about the brands new pro matte foundation.



Everyone knows L.A. GIRL for their notorious collection line of concealers. They have over 28 different shades and they aren’t expensive at all but let’s get back to the topic at hand.

L.A. GIRL has stepped their game up with the packaging but they’re very deceiving when it comes to the shade of the actual foundation. I would advice to not order online unless you are 100% sure of your true color, unless you want to order the wrong shade like me lol.

I have 3 Pros and 3 Con’s for this product, let’s start with the pro’s.

  1. The foundation is no doubt full coverage and it leaves my skin with this nice glow without it being shiny.

2. As I said above they have improved with the packaging. If your new to L.A. GIRL then you wouldn’t know about the BBCreme in the small plastic container.

3. Lastly, this product leaves you with that suede matte finish. I’m not sure why they didn’t advertise that it looks like skin because in my opinion it does.



  1. The foundation has a fragrance smell and I’m not sure about anyone one else but the older I get the more sensitive my nose gets. The previous foundation of theirs (BBCreme) does not have a fragrance.

2. The PR did a horrible job with making sure they had a wide variety of people of all skin tones doing swatches and reviews of the different foundations. As you can see from the number of foundations they have I guess we can see why they didn’t send to many people because they don’t have enough shades. I just don’t see how you start a foundation line without catering to all skin shades. I could understand if your a new makeup company and can’t afford to expand that wide but this is not the case.

3. Lastly I just don’t see why it’s 10 dollars and the BBCreme is 6.99 online but 4.99 in stores. I feel like this brand is very affordable for beginners and now it looks like their raising their prices. I don’t have a problem but many people might not be able to if it continues.


Overall I love the foundation and would recommend it to anyone if you can find your right  shade.





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