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“If you want to have beautiful, high performance products in the most amazing packaging, you have come to the right place. If you want vegan and cruelty free cosmetics that are affordable, you have come to the right place. And if you want to feel like you belong to a beauty community that understands that there is no wrong way to do you, yes babe, you have come to the right place.” Melissa Butler 


In case you were wondering, yes she is the first African American Woman to have a vegan makeup line being sold in target. This boss went from rejection to reflecting on a 400k brand.

I can remember always seeing and hearing about this vegan brand but I never knew the CEO was of course an African American Woman and in that moment I decided I had to try this product and support the great #blackgirlmagic. I love supporting my culture and witnessing the magic we create when we have our minds made up.

I went to bed with one thing on my mind. How was I going to get these new lippies when I just told my hubby that I’m not buying anymore makeup this week? I mean that didn’t stop me from spending 40$ in target the next day anyway. I mean I literally went the next day that they advertised that they were now in target and I don’t even shop in target like that.

Moral of the story I am supper happy for her success and journey to create a product that’s environmentally friendly, in a very classy packaging and still has that high pigment shine while being VEGAN guys!.



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