Pretty In Miink

When I see Morgen Murray, I see a young ambitious, confident, resilient woman doing the damn thing!! It’s not easy to have the courage to start a business yet alone being successful in the process. I know when you see the word successful you think, well is she famous? Is she like rich or something? Does she have high end clients? My response would go little something like this. Who the FUCKkKKK CARES? LIKE WHO THE HECK ARE YOU? SHE MAKING SHMONEEY SO BE HAPPY FOR HER OR FUCK OFFF!!!!

That’s what’d I’d say in my head but honestly I’d say to anyone that Morgen Murray is a successful black woman who owns her OWN business (Pretty In Miink). This means that she is her own BOSS. This twenty-one year old is a self made boss who isn’t afraid to fail and get back up and try again. Her business makes profits that allows her to live comfortably to pay any and all of her bills and luxuries.

Morgan Murray is creating a life only she can control and no one else. In reality this is any self-employeed persons dream.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.- Mark Twain #girlboss




Pretty In MiinkWhy did you decide to start your business?

The reason I started my own business was because I wanted something for myself. I didn’t like working for anyone, it just wasn’t for me.

What would you say to those trying to start their business?

I started off with Pretty In Miink because it was something I already knew! I took a class my senior year of high school and learned. I really felt like this could be my “secure the bag” job while I chase my dreams ! And it’s not like I hated doing lashes, I like the feeling of making other people feel cute and pretty. So I’m still doing something I love and making money from doing it.

How long have you had your business?

I started off doing lashes on my bed in my room while In cosmetology school, I had no massage table, no clients, nothing! I really started from the bottom, just trying to make money the best way I could. And now I’ve been lashing for 2-3 Years.

How old are you?

I just turned 21 December 1st, I’m grown now chy!

What is your favorite lash style?

My favorite lash style would definitely be volume set cause it’s so full and extra I like lashes to be a bit dramatic personally.

What sets you apart from other business owners?

I don’t know if I’m different from other lash techs, I just know that this isn’t it for me. I love lashes I want to make it a big part of my life but just a part. So I would say I’m different because I’m not just a lash tech( Actress, entrepreneur, fashion designer).

What verse or song best describes you?

The song that describes me the most would definitely be BOSSY- Kalis  (for sure, for sure)


Get to know her on social media:

IG: stargirlmorgz

IG: prettyinmiink



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