Hubby learning YOGA

I’m beyond excited to announce that my husband has decided to do yoga with me. He actually texted me TODAY in these exact words “I know you been waiting for me to say this but I’m ready to do more yoga lol. I know I’m not flexible but I know it’ll help, I just need you to be patient with me and my stiff body”.


I couldn’t have been more proud to hear these words. It was really music to my ears. I know sometimes I can be hard on him with strecthing and I’ve done my best to just give him his space and let him join me when he’s ready.


I can’t wait to share our journey, todays this is only going to be the beginning. I will start with baby steps and take things very slow with him. I will teach him the basic’s and show him not to focus on where he isn’t but on the PRESENT. This journey will show him that his body has no limits, that he will probably be a better yogi than me lol.Β In all seriousness I really am happy for my husband.

I wouldn’t push anyone too hard to do anything their not ready to do even if you know it’s the best thing for them. – FASHIONINKFITNESS


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