20$$$$ Wig (NEWPORT NEWS, VA)

One day after work I decided I wanted to buy some colorful wigs. I went to Yang Beauty Supply (Location down below) which I was told about from a co-worker. I was told that if you ask about final sales on certain wigs that the owner would make deals with you and give you them for low prices.

This particular wig was not because it was the last one lol. The store owner thought I was going to a halloween party but this was in July or August. I still got a great deal it was 15 dollars off. I try to bargain with my wigs, since I buy mutiple wigs at a time. It’s kind of like eating a lays potato chip, you can’t just eat just one.

I would encourage anyone to go out and buy a colorful wig and just have fun. It’s so liberating and free just having colorful hair. 



14347 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA 23602

Phone number(757) 877-5006

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