How to be successful at youtube? How to gain loyal followers? How to get over fear of starting youtube?

I’m starting to shamelessly support myself and once your done reading this article, so will you. If you haven’t heard of shameless Maya on YouTube it’s time to do your research and find her, like NOW!. She has been such an inspiration to my life, not that I haven’t been inspired but she has turned the heat up and forced me to believe in me. I mean I’ve actually started to do the things I’ve always been afraid to do. I’ve been afraid that people wouldn’t like me, people wouldn’t support me, people would judge me, people this, and people that.

You and I both have spent so much time thinking about what PEOPLE might think and feel that we forgot about US. All of this time and energy wasted on the fear of nobodies that only excisted in our mind. While thinking of all the reasons people wouldn’t like or support me I forgot just who I was doing this for.

It’s for me and if anyone doesn’t like who I am then they don’t have to and that’s okay. This is for the people who have given up, the people like me who were and still are afraid because I’d be lying if I’m not just a little nervous about where this consistency is taking me. Yes the answer to being successful is being consistent. I’ve learned over this past year that people love to see your growth. They love to see just how you started and become inspired by your growth.

Man she did this and that and she did’t know the potential until BAM!! She created something bigger than she could have imagined. I’m trusting the process and journey of NOW and you should too. You can’t look back and regret not trying and I can’t look forward worrying about any negativity. I want you to know that you can do it, even if you don’t have help, even when you don’t know how and where to start and to just do it and FAIL.

Yes I’m saying fail because failing can only make you better I promise. Think about it, if you fail you will learn all the right ways to become better and to never make that same mistake again, you can help others not make the same mistakes. Followers love to learn how to not fail at something. I know your thinking, why do I have to fail so someone else can have it easy? Someone has to take it for the team, RELAX I’m kidding.

In all honesty it’s apart of your growth, duhhh. Who loves to watch someone who succeeds all the time, if spoon feed and never fails?









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