Vegan pizza

I’m not fully vegan but I do enjoy eating vegan meals. I’m a pescatarian but I don’t eat talapia anymore (The whole farmed fish was a no for me). I would say I’m 70% vegan and 30% pescatarian, I know it’s strange but don’t judge me lol. I mostly eat seafood when I’m out to eat since many places in Virginia don’t sell vegan meals and if they do it’s really far from where I live.

You can get this from food lion or Whole Foods. I would say try food lion because it’s cheaper. I only go to Whole Foods for certain vegan items like, cheese, eggs, butter and the extra healthy things lol.

From a scale of 1-10 I would say it’s a 7 for me and a 5 for my husband. He thinks it lacked seasoning and it had a cardboard taste 😂.


I’ll keep you guys updated on when we find one that we absolutely love.

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