Dear (Family Pet Center) in the Greenbrier Mall

Today while exploring/walking off my Vietnamese food and cold stone ice cream my fellow sailors and I decided to explore a pet shop inside the mall. Now I’m sorry if you don’t like pets but this really was making my day. I decided to say YES to going out for food instead of staying home because I really felt like being alone and to myself(introvert in me). I was happy and today was just going great, until…

I walked inside the shop and saw a young man playing with the cutest little puppy in a closed small space and I immediately reached down and touched the puppy. A few seconds later I was advised not to touch the puppy. The worker didn’t say I couldn’t touch the puppy and just walked off. So I’m sure you can understand my confusion. I asked the man if I needed to sanitize my hand or do something special to be able to touch the puppy and he simply said you have to pay.

I was really confused as to why she didn’t inform me of this. I said okay I won’t touch the puppy but I would like to throw the ball if you don’t mind. Which I did and it THE the cutest thing because the puppy was so fluffy and energized it rolled and slipped allot. A few seconds later a female was standing next to me. I turned over and smiled and asked how can I help you? She replied saying nothing just watching him play with the puppy.

In the most nicest voice and of course with a smile still on my face I proceeded to tell the worker the truth as to why she was standing by me.

1. You thought I touched the puppy but I didn’t, I just through the ball. I was already told not to touch the puppy but you knew that because I saw her tell you.

2. If your previous co-worker would have told me I couldn’t touch the puppies I would have understood as to why and just paid to pick a puppy to play with but I no longer would like too. I really wanted to play with a puppy.f 😦

3. There is no sign saying I can’t touch the puppies.

I then looked at the rest of the sleeping puppies which I believe they put to sleep. Not one was up… I left and saw I was being watched and I waved have a nice day(with a smile of course). I walked into a dollar store across from the family pet store and was pointed out by the female to the police. YESSSSS THE FREAKING POLICE, like REALLY??????

I told them everything that happened and they advised me that she called them saying I cursed her out and was being very disrespectful and disturbing the store. They advised me that I couldn’t go back in the store and if I were to give another store issues I would be asked to leave the mall.

The cop was nice but it really upset me how she lied and felt the need to call the mall police for me telling her the truth. The old me would have cursed her out and said all the things she claimed.

I was so proud of myself for being respectful after being harassed when all I wanted to do was pet a cute fluffy puppy.






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