Put a time limit on your wealth not your health..


  1. I want to be fit by my birthday..                                                                                                         ✨I used to put a time limit for me to reach my fitness goals and always slowly go back to where I once started.

IMG_27812. Slow and steady wins the race..                                                                              ✨Now I’m learning to enjoy my process and take my time. When I say the process I mean by living in the now rather than where I could be. No longer over working my body to be at a certain weight by a certain time.


3. Taking care of myself and my well being is the number one priority.                                                                                    ✨I’m not starving myself, I don’t do diets I just watch my portion sizes and limit my junk food. I’m a pescatarian and I eat veggie meat along with vegan and organic snacks. I’m no saint, I have my cheat snacks but I crave healthy snacks more now than I ever have before. I guess my body is changing in a good way 😊.

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