My fitness journey with (killerbodybox)…


In December I decided to train with @killerbodybox. I joined for two reasons. One ,I seen a black business woman who was working towards her goals and that really inspired me. I also stalked the page to make sure it was legitimate lol and I also attended the workouts that were held in Orlando before I went off to boot camp.

I must say it’s not an easy journey because work feels like arm and leg day mostly everyday. It’s hard to even want to eat when all I want to do is sleep. It went from being convenient too inconvenient once I moved off base. I’m slowly trying to get back to the same routine and adjust to longer and busier working hours.

I won’t lie, I have been slacking for the past few days but I promise i’m going back to my plan motivated as ever. It’s only right ,to tell the truth. I’m not a health guru and I don’t always eat right but 97% of the time I try to do my best.

Having some progress is better than no progress. My body gets to this stage where I barely see results like now and I feel like I’m stuck. In reality it just means to work harder than Before.

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